Pakaria Powell is a luxurious, artisanal accessories label focusing on passion and craftsmanship. For the free spirited and wild. 
The namesake, avant- garde brand is a marriage of edge and elegance, invoking a sense of mystery and nostalgia. Focusing on effortless style, comfort, function and the feel and texture of the materials. Based in Byron Bay.
Being self-taught, the designs are distinctive and innovative. The artisan chooses to take her time producing refined collections with attention to detail and sustainability. A fresh deviation from a 'throw away' society of mass-produced, short-lived trends. "I want for my pieces to be collected and passed down through generations, buying one bag that you absolutely love and cherish rather than one each season, saving money and the planet in the long run"
Pakaria Powell represents an edgy mix of both feminine and masculine, steeped in the essence of adventure.
Pakaria started creating jewellery from a young age. "Having spent time as a child growing up on a deserted island and self- sufficient property surrounded by tropical bushland, you learn to fill your soul with creativity and let your imagination run wild. Being fascinated by the mysterious, the magical, islands and their cultures, symbolism, the deep ocean and all things old with a story to tell and having a deep connection to nature has carried forth and are now evident in the collections today" Each piece inherits an essence of luxe bohemian with soul.
For those who love to surround themselves with perfectly imperfect beauty.
The dreamers and doers, the free spirited and wild. 
It is wearable art with a weathered and worn charm.